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I’m Scarlett, an eighteen year old lover of books and television, resulting in my having an enormous amount of feels which I will be sharing here.
My favourite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, the subject of my Advanced Higher dissertation (which I accidentally handed in still bearing the mock up title of “Jane Austen: Sassmaster 2000” so there’s that).
Pride and Prejudice
Outside of that dabble into 19th century literature, the rest of my tastes tend towards Young Adult fiction, as most of the reviews on this blog are bound to show.
I shall (fingers crossed with this post exams return to the Blogosphere) be posting at least three times weekly with Top Ten Tuesday hosted at The Broke and The Bookish, a Thursday Book Review and then another choice post on a Saturday.
 ***Read any articles written prior to 2016 at your own peril as they contain the ramblings of my 15 year old self, I’m refusing to take them down altogether because at 15 I considered them quite the accomplishment, so you’ll need to bear with the bad spelling and dodgy graphics (not that either of those things ave changed altogether that much). I hope that, with this fresh start I will have matured more as an individual and I’m sure that my posting and review style will differ largely than that of the me from 2014.***

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