YALC Author Cheat Sheet

It’s that time of the year again, the first part of the YALC authorlist has finally been announced! You’ve cheered for the ones whose books you love and are now eagerly anticipating getting started on the books of those you haven’t had the chance to love yet. I’ve got you fam.

Here is the list of 15 authors we got this morning, along with why I love the ones I know and why I’m super pumped about the ones I don’t.

  1. Laini Taylor – widely known for the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy. While not my cup fo tea this series has entranced readers all over the globe, needless to say, there is going to be a long queue of happy laini taylor fans at YALC.
  2. E Lockhart – author of nine YA bestsellers with the tenth, Genuine Fraud, out on September 5th this year. The only book of hers I have read thus far was 2014’s We Were Liars and it was absolutely fantastic, it messed me up for a whole week. But I’m not telling you anything about the plot because seriously, go in blind.
  3. V.E Schwab – Author of first the Archived series and now, more popularly the Shades of Magic series, Victoria Scwab attended lat years YALC and was one of the busiest signers of the weekend.
  4. Alex Wheatle – Crongton Knights, the Second book in his South Crongton Trilogy is nominated for the YA Book Prize this year. Alex has attended YALC the past two years I’ve been there. The first book in the  South Crongton series, tells the story of Lemar, a boy who manages to get himself stuck in the middle fo a gang war on his estate.
  5. Sarah Crossan – author of both poetry and prose novels, Sarah Crossan was the 2016 winner of the YA Book Prize for her book One, which is a tale of a pair of conjoined twins, written in poetry and GUYS. Its BEAUTIFUL. One of my favourite books that I read in preparation for YALC, I will be devouring her other works before I head there this year and I highly recommend you do too.
  6. Brian Conaghan – Scottish authors – YAS. When I met him in 2015 we had a fun chat about being the only two Scots eachother had encountered at the whole convention. His book, When Mr Dog Bites, is about a young boy named Dylan who has Tourette’s Syndrome and it is an entertaining look at a little explored subject in YA literature.

    These authors have a new book out this year called We Come Apart  which tells the story fo a romance between two teens struggling to find their place, a Romanian emigrant and a girl from a violent home. I am already diving for the shelves, this is possibly the book I’m most excited to get to.

    7. Joanne Harris – Author of Chocolat, which has been adored by book groups since its release in 2000. Telling the story of a young chocolate maker and her daughter who turn things on their head in a small village in France.

    8. Katherine Webber – With her debut novel, Wing Jones, having come out this year, Katherine Webber has been a constant at YALC, chairing many of the panels over the weekend. This is the first time she attends as a published author, with WIng Jones telling the story of the titular 15 year old who finds a new passion in running following a family tradgedy.

    9. Mel Salisbury – Head of Slytherin house, both years I’ve been at YALC, Mel is the author of the Sin Eater’s Daughter Trilogy, about Twylla, the court exectutioner who kills with her touch. She has been a great speaker on all the panels I have seen her on and I hope to this year pick up a copy of The Sin Eater’s Daughter.

    10. Gemma Cairney – Radio 1’s young people advocate, Gemma Cairney has now written a nonfiction book for young people to help guide them through the mystery that is life.

    11. Paige Toon – Author of the Jessie Jefferson series, which kicks off with The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson, a girl who finds out her father is a famous rock star, following the death of her mother when she turned 15.

    12. Sarah Bernard – Beautiful Broken Things is nominated for the YA Book Prize this this year and it is about two best friends whose lives are turned upside down by the arrival of the mysterious Suzanne.

    13. Patrice Lawrence – Patrice is the author of Orangeboy which is nominated for this year’s YA Book Prize. At a panel I attended last year, many authors, when asked about their favourite YA book of the year responded that Orangeboy was it so I am really excited to read it in time for YALC this year.

    14. Martin Stewart – Riverkeep is also nominated for the YA book Prize this year and is about a boy named Wull who is forced into the mantle of Riverkeep after his father has an accident and Wull has to make some tough choices in search of a cure to his father’s new illness.

    15. Will Hill – Oh my god. Thank you YALC. So doing my research for this post I came upon the description for Will Hill’s Department 19 series, which somehow slipped under my radar last year, but it sounds right up my street. Its about a group that hunts supernatural creatures across time I beleive and with my love of both Supernatural and Doctor who I CANNOT WAIT.

And thus sums up my YALC Cheatsheet. I’m going to give myself the week to figure out exactly what my to-read list is going to be, so I’ll be sharing that next Friday. I am so excited by this year’s author line up, I CANNOT WAIT for July now!

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