The TV Top Twenty: Game of Thrones

I want to say that the irregular posting of late has been due to actual reasons, like my new job, school production or upcoming driving test. But no. It has literally been because I have been bingeing Game of Thrones and I couldn’t stop. I realised that this is often a trend with me and so I have come up with a new feature : “The TV Top Twenty” in which, after bingewatching a show, I shall list my ten favourite and least favourite things about it.Tv Top Twenty GoT


While seasons 1 and 2 took a while, I watched season 3 in two days, season 4 in one day and then seasons 5 and 6 in 4 days, I have a problem. So I thought I’d share my experiences, though warning, there will be spoilers of Game of Thrones up until the end of season 6 beyond this point.spoilers

Top Ten Things I Loved

  1. Daenarys, Brienne of Tarth, Jon Snow. Tyrion.tyrion jon snow daenarys Brienne_S3
  2. Yara Greyjoy – she’s so awesome that she gets her own line, I LOVE her.yara
  3. The cinematography. The Battle of The Bastards was ART. It was visually stunning and I cannot, it was breathtaking.cine 3 cine 2 cine 1
  4. Arya and Sansa Stark’s progress through life and taking control of their stories.starks
  5. Podrick’s magical sex powers.pod 2
  6. Lady Olenna’s Shade.olenna shade 0 olenna shade 1
  7.  Dragons.dragons
  8. Daario: “So what skills do you actually have? Can you fight?”
    Tyrion: “no”
    Jorah: “Can you track animals?”
    Tyrion: “Not really”
    Daario: “Can you ride a horse?”
    Tyrion: “Welllll….”
    Jorah: “So basically you talk?”
    Tyrion: “And drink! I mean I’ve survived this long!”
  9. Lady Lyanna Mormont, my ten year old QUEENtumblr_o93q51XdNN1sg5amvo1_250
  10.  The way that anytime a grumpy old man pisses of Dany she just goes “Flambé”flambe

Top Ten Things I Hated

  1. The High Septum/Sparrow nonsense that dragged on FOREVER. Why was it there? It SUCKED.sparrow
  2. Joffrey and Ramsey – duhjoff
  3. They killed all my faves – RIP Jojen, Catelin, Shae, Osha and isnt fair crying
  4. Littlefinger is such a creeper, like why?creepy
  5. So much rape happens, so much. I mean I understand why it has to be there but it is appalling.everything sucks
  6. Anything North of the Wall or in Dorne. (Except Gilly, Sam and Jojen)bored
  7. Trying to remember what each house’s symbol was so I could understand what army was doing what.alcoholism
  8. The fate of poor Princess Shireen, Stannis can actually throw himself off the great wall.shireen
  9. The fact that they reduced Shae to a jealous whore, even though we know none of her backstory so who can say for sure she actually was a whore?shae
  10. The fact that I watched 60 episodes in two weeks and i now have to wait a year for another ten or maybe less.season 7

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