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Top Ten
Today’s topic is a freebie and seeing as the hosts decided to talk about ten hobbies they have other than reading, I thought I’d write about the top ten things I watch when I’m not reading (which is happening ever-increasingly of late…unfortunately). So here are my Top Ten TV Shows.banner

  1. DC’s Legends of Tomorrownt_16_Legends-of-tomorrow
    A ragtag group of ninjas/tech geniuses/not quite humans/ criminals travel through time trying to stop an evil dude from ending the world. Favourite show of all time, a title earned in only 13 episodes. Every episode is like tuning into a movie, it’s brilliant. What really makes this show is it’s characters though, Caity Lotz’s Black Canary, Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold and Dominic Purcell’s Heatwave are the reason I watch this show and love it so much, they are just delightful to watch.peachy
  2. iZombieizombie
    I love this approach to Zombies and also how funny it manages to be, basically the main character is a Zombie who works as a mortician and eats the brains of the recently murdered. She takes on the personality of the brain she has eaten that week and uses their memories to solve their murders making for very entertaining watching and a strange procedural crime show. Also, Ravi, her bestie, is HILARIOUS.pew pew pew
  3. FlashThe-Flash-TV-Series-Logo
    Barry Allen is the best. The Flash is awesome. Can’t even say anything else just watch it.
  4. Agent Carteragent carter
    If I could go back to any era in time, it would be the 50’s and I would do it as Agent Peggy Carter in this quirky crime/sci-fi drama. It’s a strange but beloved addition to the MCU.
  5. Supernaturalsupernatural
    If you’re on the internet and you don’t know what Supernatural is about, I really don’t knwo what to say to you because it has literally overrun Tumblr.feelings
  6. Prison Breakprison break
    Two brothers try to escape prison and chaos ensues and it is GLORIOUS. I was a late addition to this fandom, only watching the series in April but oh my god Wentworth Miller is just too much to resist and I need the reboot NOW.
  7. The 100The-100-Cast-Promos-the-100-tv-show-37080703-1024-768
    100 teenage delinquents are sent to earth to try and recolonise after a nuclear disaster. This series is based on the books by Kass Morgan, who is now coming to YALC! This show is so intense, unpredictable and full of characters you want to love but know are gonna probably get killed off at some point. It’s AWESOME.
  8. Grey’s Anatomygreys-anatomy-cast
    Probably the black sheep of my TV list, being the only one with no fantastical elements, however, this long-running medical drama is ADDICTIVE. In a hospital where probably more doctors die than patients, a group of interns are jsut tying to live their lives and become qualified doctors but since when does that mean it’s going to be easy? To be honest, I’ve probably had more heart-pounding moments with this show that with some of the sci-fi ones where the fate of the world is at stake.ive survived
  9. Marvel’s Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D.agents_of_shield-wide
    More content from the MCU? Count me in!
  10. Orphan Blackorphan-black-clones
    If you aren’t watching this show, why the hell not? It’s about a group of clones trying not to die as a million different nefarious corporations try to either take them down, take them in for testing, or buy them, pretty much.


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