Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases For The Second Half Of The Year

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Do you ever have that moment when you write a post and then it doesn’t schedule properly and then you don’t find out until a week later because busyness occurred and then you’re MAD. That is what happened when I came to write this week’s Top Ten Tuesday and found that because of my inattention and hectic show week madness, this post didn’t publish for some reason. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is supposed to be my Top Ten releases of 2016 so far but I have only read 4 new releases this year and they were all pretty damn good so ranked I have”

  1. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clarelady midnight
  2. Never Evers By Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen (I reviewed this here last week)never evers
  3. The Trials of Apollo: The Lost Oracle by Rick Riordantrials of apollo
  4. Stars Above by Marissa Meyerstars above

Without further ado, here is last week’s intended post as I would have been able to write very little for this week’s anyways.

The ten books which I am most excited about in the next six months are (in no particular order):

1. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child by J.K Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany – 31st July

harry_potter_and_the_cursed_child_script.0.0 I feel like this was the really obvious answer but I mean COME ON. It’s the 8th Harry Potter, who ISN’T freaking out over this?

hardly breathe
2. Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas – 6th September


Despite still not being finished with Queen of Shadows, these books are too good not to eagerly anticipate!
3. Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff – 18th October


If you haven’t read book 1, Illuminae, then you are MISSING SOMETHING AMAZING. One of the most unique reading experiences I have had to date and a kick ass story which really fits the means by which it is told.
4. Turbo Twenty Three by Janet Evanovich – 15th November

turbo 23

Even though it’s the 23rd book in the series, these books never fail to have me cackling hysterically, I always love to come back to these crazy characters and see what they are going to get up to next.

5. You Know Me Well by David Levithan and Nina Lacour – 2nd June


6. London Belongs to Us by Sarra Manning – 2nd June


Both of these books managed to release themselves without me realising but I am super pumped to read them both in time for YALC

getcha head in the game

(Sorry for the excessive HSM gifs, I’m in a production of it in like a week and the excitement is getting real!)
7. United as One by Pittacus Lore – June 19th

united as one

I have been reading this series from the start and it honestly feels like I’m the only one but I don’t care. I am SO pumped to reach the conclusion and see how on earth all our heroes are going to stop the Mogadorians once and for all.

kept waiting
8. Lydia the Wild Girl of Pride and Prejudice by Natasha Farrant – October 25th

lydia the bad bennet girl

Pride and Prejudice. Lydia Bennet. What can I say?lydia
9. Heartless by Marissa Meyer – 8th November


I have had a Marissa Meyer shaped hole in my heart since I finished Winter and I need more books from her ASAP to try and fill it.
10. Think Twice by Sarah Mylnowski – 7th April

think twice

I swear to god, I have been waiting three years for this sequel and I kept tabs on it and there was literally no announcement that it was happening and then I found it in Waterstones and I haven’t been able to read it because I am too busy trying to get all my YALC books read!! But SOON I shall devour it.

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