Ten Things I Love About (Fictional) Parties

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Okay so this post is coming 4 days shy of my 18th birthday and so I thought it might be topical to write about nine reasons I love parties (and one reason I don’t) with matched to a book in which you may find a party with the trait I am fond of. So here we go:

1 and 2. Getting Ready and Looking Pretty – The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson

art of being normal

Everybody loves the getting ready part. Choosing your dress, shoes, bag. Trying to figure out how to do your hair and get your make-up just right. I’m not going to lie, hair and make-up are not my forte. Fortunately, my little sister, Molly, is a pro and if it’s a big occasion I can normally talk her into doing it for me.


Me on the night of my school Leaver’s Ball, make-up done by my sister.

In “The Art of Being Normal”, David goes to a party as Kate, the girl he longs to be, and he spends ages getting ready, having his mum do his makeup and making sure he feels as beautiful on the outside as he is inside.

3 and 4. Meeting new people and flirting with boys – Lobsters by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison


Parties are a fun way to meet new people, it’s a fun but chill environment which is great for cultivating new friendships or even relationships.

look at him

In “Lobsters” Sam and Hannah meet for the first time at a party when one finds the other hiding in the bathroom. They have a really sweet, but very awkward, first conversation and then spend the rest of the book trying to find each other and see if they are meant to be – AND IT’S THE BEST THING EVER YOU ALL NEED TO READ THIS.

5.Dancing – Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice

Okay so it’s very different to how they did it in Austen’s day – I dread to think what she would say about “twerking” – but dancing has been done at parties for all of history. Whether it’s music you like or somehow the boys have managed to get control of the music and are playing some kind of metal nonsense (not a generalisation, I am speaking from experience with the crowd that I party with) dancing is always going to be fun.


Mr Darcy and Elizabeth have some of their first conversations while dancing at various balls and look how that turned out! Actually, that’s probably a bad example because she gathered that he was a douche from these encounters….but hey Jane and Bingley had fun!

6. The Food – Catching FireCatching Fire

I’m having a family party in my house which means my mum is doing all the food and I am SO pumped because party food, buffet style, is my favourite thing. We are having mini sandwiches, cocktail sausages, homemade potato salad (my mum’s is the best), homemade millionaire’s shortbread (maybe THIS is the best?) and so much more and I am going to be STUFFED but who cares? YUM


Pretty much everything in the world of the Hunger Games sucks, however the party food appears to be the exception which proves the rule, I think this page puts it best.

8. Watching the antics of drunk people – Clockwork Prince
clockwork prince
People watching is amusing when everyone is sober. When people are drunk it is downright hilarious.ross-drunk-o

In Clockwork Prince, Will and Tessa go to a masked ball and are served drinks with “warlock powder” which has similar effects and well, some steamy stuff occurs before Magnus catches them.

9. Watching the DRAMA – Cindercinder

Who’s honestly been to a party when everything goes smoothly? Literally nobody ever. From drunk and embarrassing family members to a random PDAs between people nobody expected (though hopefully at a party with friends rather than family, otherwise you may have a bit of a situation my friend) there is always something going on at a party! As long as you make sure you aren’t the one causing the spectacle then everything is okay.

thisll get messy

Cinder is a sci-fi retelling of Cinderella and I think we all know the kind of drama which occurs at the parties she goes to.


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