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I normally plan to do a Top Ten Tuesday on a Tuesday hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish but this week’s theme is Top Ten Beach Reads. I am not overly fond of the beach, the sand is ick and it gets everywhere; I have fun when I go but it is never worth the infinity sand that is found everywhere later.


Even when I do go to the beach, I don’t read. The sun is in my eyes and it’s too hot so nope, I frolic about in the sea and get all sunburned. Therefore I have no Beach Reads recommendations as I don’t know what constitutes a “Beach Read” and I have no reading desires for the beach. Instead, I wanted to do something I’m WAY more into – ZOMBIES. They are my favourite, from The Walking Dead (though I’m reconsidering my watching of that after the most recent finale) to iZombie (oh my god this show is my precious child, Ravi must be protected at all costs. If you watch it, hit me up because we are now best friends).

pew pew pew

I was searching the internet for tags and came upon this one over at Dreamland Book Blog – you need to check it out, her background art is absolutely STUNNING.
Without further rambling, I present – THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE BOOK TAG.Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

I used an online number generator to pick 5 books at random from my shelf, opened to a random page in each and then used the first two characters I saw to fill the scenarios below. So my zombie apocalypse team is as follows, leave in the comments how long you think I’m going to survive!

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
1. The first person to die: Clary Fairchild

oh no 2

Well…that’s unfortunate. At least it’s book 3 Clary rather than Lady Midnight Clary because she’d have been very useful. As it is, City of Glass Clary had a lot on her mind because well SPOILERS, HIGHLIGHT TO REVEAL she’s in love with her not quite brother and then kisses her actual brother so I imagine that was pretty distracting and got her killed.

2. The person you trip to get away from the zombies: Amatis Herondale

could be worse

I feel kinda bad about this. However, if she dies here then she can’t MORE SPOILERS YOU KNOW THE DRILL be turned evil by Sebastian in COLS and cause terror in COHF so bearing that in mind I can live with this action.

The Host by Stephanie Meyer
3. The first person to turn into a zombie: Jeb Stryder


That’s gonna be a severe blow. I mean he managed to survive and protect a large group from an alien invasion, He would have been so good to have around! I think we’re kinda screwed now.

4. The person that trips YOU to get away from the zombies: Ian O’Shea


IAN?! Say it ain’t so! How will my heart cope? I loved you and you have betrayed me! My heart pangs with the sting of your betrayal!

Heir of Fire
5. The idiot of the team: Rowan Whitethorn

thisll get messy

I feel like he would kick my ass for this. Its not MY fault! I didn’t choose! However if he’s the dumbest on my team then I’m liking our chances because he knows his stuff.

6. The “brains” of the team: Dorian Havilliard (I got SO close to spoiling myself for Book 4 when I Googled the spelling of his name and I am so relieved right now)

what just happened

Don’t know how I feel about this. I mean he’s definitely not stupid but he thinks too much with his heart rather than his head so this could lead to some slip ups for my team.

Sea of Monsters  – The relief I was feeling over avoiding spoilers a minute ago has been abandoned because when I picked up this book there was  spider on it and now the book has been thrown across the room…


Having retrieved it (or getting my dad to…) I have got my characters

7. The team’s medic: Annabeth Chase


Things are looking up, I mean she’s not a child of Apollo but I feel like Annabeth knows her stuff and she’ll bring along some Nectar and Ambrosia for the ride which will be helpful (surely the mortals not being allowed it thing will go out the window in a Zombie Apocalypse).

8. The weapons expert: Percy Jackson


We have GOT this team, our chances for survival just doubled, everything will be fine, Percy knows what he is doing, we will be just fine.

The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore

I’m going to take a moment to tell y’all how fab this series (The Lorien Legacies) is. They’re widely known but not very widely read which is a CRIME because they are outstanding. The exhilaration you feel reading these books is ridiculous, never mind on the edge of my seat, I’ve fallen onto the damn floor!

9. The Brawler: John/ Number Four




Why was I even worried? John is a kick ass fighter and with his powers he will be able to protect the whole group, between him and Percy, the Zombies should be fearing US.

10. The Team Captain: Number Eight


Okay he’s a bit of a hothead which might be a problem as our Team Leader but Eight will be competent enough and he’s a good fighter too.

Overall I’m feeling okay about our chances. I think I definitely have a stronger group than The Walking Dead did in season 2, seriously Shane what even are you? I think we’ll make it a good while – at least until the food runs out or whatever, but even then we could figure out how to escape to Lorien, or maybe the Demon towers of Idris would keep out zombies? But then again both of our Shadowhunters are probably dead….Hmmmmm.

I had a great time doing this tag and I’m going to tag Annalise at Annalise Books, Lara at Another Teen Reader and Laura at Under A Mound of Books. Have fun!

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