Ten Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed

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pride and prejudice

I first experienced Pride and Prejudice as “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” on Youtube when I was 14 and, being the eager reader that I was, I set about reading the original. I dragged myself through it and decided that:

“yeah, it was okay but like, I dunno, I don’t think it was worth the effort. The old language was too hard to read but I liked the story” – actual words from 14 year old self.

Jane BOSSten

Jane BOSSten

So 6th year at school came along and for Advanced English I had to write a 3000 word dissertation. Knowing P&P vaguely well I decided that this would be my book, which meant I had to reread. Pride and Prejudice is now my all time favourite book. The previously difficult to read old time language now translated as 19th century shade throwing, but Jane Austen doesn’t just throw shade, she casts goddamn eclipses. Pride and Prejudice man….it’s great, the sass is too much.

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Okay so I think we all had our Twilight phase and at the time (circa 2010), I adored these books. I lived for Edward Cullen, purchased throw blankets for each of the movies and several ‘Team Edward T-shirts. As I moved past this stage and Twilight was being constantly bashed in mainstream media, my love faded to dislike of the series because that’s how everybody else felt. I’m not going to say that The Twilight Saga is the best YA series out there –  its not. Having had time to reflect and a reread in the last couple of years though, it’s not as bad as the demonisations make out; It is in fact enjoyable, even as a guilty pleasure.

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before i fallwe were liars

Before I Fall and We Were Liars go together because when I first finished both of these books I was in shock and so I wasn’t sure if I liked them or not and had to take some time to reflect. Having reflected, they are both absolutely fab and they will haunt you for a while after you have read them.

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charlie bone The Children Of The Red King series by Jenny Nimmo was a cornerstone of my childhood, which is really weird because I don’t know of anybody else who has even heard of them, but I was in love. They were oozing mystery and fun but were also really sinister and I was hooked from the first chapter. It’s kind of like a crazy mash up of Harry Potter and The Famous Five. It’s set in a boarding school for children gifted in music, art and drama and then among those there are about a dozen kids with special, magical abilities. The administration of the school are all evil and corrupt and these kids are just trying to live their lives without being manipulated by them amidst child kidnappings, ancient magic and even a small pinch of time travel. Basically, these books were fantastic. My opinion has changed because the mystery element in these books is SO huge that they are impossible to reread once you know the answers. You find yourself being frustrated at the characters for not figuring things out sooner. That aside, if you haven’t read these books, you NEED to get on that ASAP. mortal instrumentsthe-mortal-instrument-redesignalec be

Alec Lightwood. Literally the only thing that has changed about my opinion on these books is that the first time through I greatly underappreciated Alec because I’m rereading and oh my gosh he is the best.



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Harry_Potter_and_the_Order_of_the_PhoenixWhen I initially read this book, it was my favourite Harry Potter book, but then the movie came out and I got blinded by my absolute hatred for Umbridge that I forgot how cool the rest of the book is because the movie had to leave so much out. Upon rereading I rediscovered all of the things which made me love it so much the first time and it is once again my favourite HP book.



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Confession time: I didn’t love The Fault in Our Stars. I read it at the height of its popularity in 2012 when everybody was going nuts over it and it just kind of fell flat for me. However, BECAUSE everyone else was loving it so much, this twisted my experience of it making me hate it because why was I the only person who didn’t experience a life-altering epiphany with this book and walk away a changed reader? That was happening to everyone else, so it seemed. Now I can see that no, I just felt apathetic and disappointed by the book, I don’t actually hate it.

My top ten is only a top eight because I usually remain pretty constant in my opinions about books, however a couple of bonus selections go to the Vampire Academy and Mortal Instruments movies which I loved when I first saw them but then changed my opinion on when I saw them at a later point because they are really not the greatest. I mean as movies themselves, they both stand up as being pretty good but in terms of adaptations, they left something to be desired.

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4 thoughts on “Ten Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed

  1. Lara @ Another Teen Reader

    And … I’m not surprised that you mentioned WE WERE LIARS. Might we be a little bit obsessed, Scarlett? *pats your arm patronisingly as if not also addicted* It’s clearly stolen your brain (which is totally OK, BTW).

    IT SOUNDS LIKE I REALLY NEED TO READ CHILDREN OF THE RED KING. Performing Arts, magic AND corruption? You really are spoiling me today 😉 I need to get round to The Mortal Instruments as well, but don’t tell anyone I haven’t read them or there might be a riot.

    Sorry for the atrocious run-on sentences in this comment . . . I loved your post, and that’s the main thing.

    1. Scarlettsbookblog Post author

      What can I say? It’s awesome! Children of the Red Kind i the most underappreciated series known to man, its is just fantastic! Haha I’ll try not to get you into trouble on the TMI front but you so should, they’re hysterical! 🙂 Thanks x

    1. Scarlettsbookblog Post author

      Thank you 🙂
      They’re making a movie! I had no idea! *intensely googles*


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