Top Ten Underrated Paranormal/Sci-Fi YA Books

Too many times do I go to people buzzing about an AWESOME book which nobody else knows about, WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?!

So here are my Top Ten Paranormal YA Books which I think Y’all need to read ASAP!

1. Gathering Water by Regan Claire

gathering water

oh my goodness! I LOVED THIS BOOK AND I NEED BOOK 2 NOW! I read it as part of a tour earlier in the year and it was just FAB! It’s really different from anything I’d read before, check out my review here and you’ll realize how awesome it is and that you have to read it and we can be BFFs! I just can’t beleive it’s not more popular!

this is madness

2. Soul Screamers Series by Rachel Vincent

soul screamers

I cannot rave about this series enough! Teh use of bean sides (banshees) is so original and the world just builds and builds as the series goes on, it’s great stuff! Luckily I have Julie over at Chapter Break (check out their TTT) to gossip about this gem with. Check out my review here. (Jeez I’m doing an awful lot of plugging in this post aren’t I? I’ll stop now, promise.)

3. The Lorien Legacies Series by Pittacus Lore

lorien legacies

After a truly terrible adaption, many people are too spooked to pick this one up bu I promise you, It’s so worth it! The books continue to surpass themselves in awesomeness as the series goes on, its absolutely fantastic! I haven’t talked much about it on the blog but it’s one of my faves.

4. Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout


I can’t even say how many times I have talked about the awesomeness which is this series. The main character, Katy, is a book blogger! This is the book which made me aware that book blogs exist (as opposed to just booktube) and it made me start blogging as well as having a really funny and kick-ass plot .


I know the “A” word turns a lot of people off from the start but just give it a try!

5. Bloodlines by Richelle Mead


Now I know Vampire Academy could be considered pretty popular in the YA world but many people don’t make it to the spin off series because they think Sydney is too annoying but I swear to God she is now my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE fictional character, but you’re gonna need to read the books to learn why! and hey, if you haven’t read Vampire Academy,

Okay, so I only got 5… What can I say! I’m a sheep I just roll with what everyone else reads! Now then,  New topic which has me wanting to kill things:

life in gifs

I’ve decided I’m just gonna include this feature in any post I want because hey it’s my blog and i Have things to rant about, namely (for today) SLOW WALKING PEOPLE – DIE.

I have been back at a new school (like i went there for two years, left for 2 years and have now returned) for two weeks now and something I cannot get over, i the number of 13 year old boys (not exclusively, but mostly) who think it’s a fab idea to walk in a straight line, really slowly down a corridor blocking the whole thing off.





not amused

I am going to be late for class because you mothertruckers cannot stick to one side of the corridor or just move a little faster? I mean

are you serious

is it REALLY that hard?

stabbing you in mind

It’s so frustrating! Today I was in such a rush because I was running late for Biology and theres this protective wall int he corridor of boys who are walking at a snails pace

for serious.


I couldn’t be polite about it anymore. I was just done….. so i shoved. Like full on “EXCUSE ME!” Moses parting the friggin ocean level of shoving because I had already politely asked and been ignored THREE TIMES. You get to a point where it’s jsut no longer acceptable to wait it out in silence.

out of my way

Rant over. Now let there be kittens to brighten up the day again.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Underrated Paranormal/Sci-Fi YA Books

  1. Julie S.

    I’m so glad you shoved those stupid boys! I used to have to do that in high school too when I was no longer a freshman or anything like that heh. If people were in my way and were being absolutely stupid about it, they got shoved. Move jerkface.
    Anyway ooh great list today. I just added that first book you listed, haven’t heard of it before. I’m definitely going to make it a priority to get on Bloodlines soon. It might be what I need to get out of my everything I read I don’t like slump. Also, Soul Screamers!!!!! Ok that is all.
    Julie S. recently posted…Stolen Dreams ReviewMy Profile

    1. Scarlettsbookblog Post author

      Ugh tell me about it, morons! Why thank you! You really should, like nobody’s heard of it and it breaks my heart, it’s by far the best book I’ve ever read on a tour, I loved it! Bloodlines will definitely cure that for you I cannot get over how much I love it. Soul Screamers always!


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