September Wrap Up

It occurred to me that I haven’t posted a Wrap-Up since the first week in September so here I am Wrapping up the last three weeks of the month!





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 currentlife in gifs “Arachnid Attack”

Okay so I’m chilling in my room as you do, scrolling through Facebook.


and I realise I need to look out my clothes for going out the next day, so I decide to try on some of the clothes my cousin had passed on to me


*le wild spider appears*


I was terrified, it started charging across the floor at me!

paper bag

So as an extreme arachnophobe, I dealt with the situation accordingly


by throwing a shoe at it.

2 hours later

I return to my room from brushing my teeth

brush teeth

*le even bigger spider appears on roof above my bed*


Now, my grandparents were fast asleep and it was 1am so I couldn’t scream or get my grandpa to kill it, and there was no way I was sleeping in that bed

hell to the no

run away

So I moved ALL of my stuff through to the living room

and slept on the floor.

Ahhhhh, safety.


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