Guess Who Moved To Scotland! (and That’s What He Said Thursday)

If you didn’t know already, I MOVED BACK TO SCOTLAND!

It was a very rapid decision made by my family and I because we decided it would be better for my education for me to stay here when my family returned to Houston after the summer holidays, so Scarlett got left behind (with all her books still in Houston) and I am two weeks into a very difficult course at school, namely because I’m very far behind due to my school in Houston teaching a different curriculum. So if you were wondering where the hell I’ve been the last two weeks, there’s your answer,

miss me

I’ve been absolutely swamped catching up in my subjects AND


I have been cast as Cinderella in my local pantomime this year (you’ll never guess what show we’re doing right haha)


if you hadn’t guessed already I’m SUPER excited EEEEEEEEP!!! So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to, I’ve barely had time to breathe with all this going on never mind read but I’m determined to keep this blog running, however erratically i might be posting (yes, that’s a warning). Also, I’m going to be making a few changes to the blog, primarily that it’s not going to b exclusively about books anymore, I want o be able to post about my tv shows and random life anecdotes and just you know, STUFF! I realise “hey it’s my blog, I’ll write about what i want” so that’s going to consist of a whole lot of weird shit from now on. I’m aiming to continue with Top Ten Tuesday, That’s What He Said Thursday and a Weekly Wrap Up each Sunday as well as a bookish post and/or tv post and/or anecdote/update on my life(which might just get put into wrap up) each week, but don’t hold me to anything because the amount of work I have to do with school and the panto and trying to cram in some free time is like astounding! So yeah, that’s been the last two weeks for me! I WILL have that Throne of Glass review up soon, its all written i just haven’t fund all the GIFs for the last section yet but hey im getting there. So yeah, that’s everything time for

That’s What He Said Thursday!

that's what he said thursday

Hosted at Chapter Break

A meme where you can share a quote from a book boyfriend to his heroine every single Thursday! Woot!

This week in the spirit of my move to Scotland I was going to do a quote from a book set in Scotland and then I realized that such a book doesn’t freaking exist (or at least not one that I’ve read, and also depends on if you count Harry Potter?). So instead, on the sujbect of separation, I give you Percy Jackson

“We’re staying together. You’re not getting away from me. Never again.”

Seriously how I’m feeling about my books right now guys, I miss my babies!!

5 thoughts on “Guess Who Moved To Scotland! (and That’s What He Said Thursday)

  1. Julie S.

    I believe you need to read Outlander, if you’re looking for a Scotland book.. not YA though.
    OMG your move was so crazy sudden!!! Hope you catch your breath soon but OMG you’re gonna be Cinderella? So cool. What is a pantomime, and how is it different from a regular play?
    OK also, yes, your blog, your rules, so blog about everything you want so you can enjoy and document everything. I have two blogs – my personal blog ( and Chapter Break with Rose for books so it sometimes gets hard to keep up with both.
    Julie S. recently posted…That’s what HE said Thursday- September 4, 2014My Profile

    1. Scarlettsbookblog Post author

      Everyone’s talking about Outlander at the moment, I guess it needs to go an the TBR then! Yeah the move is a bit surreal to me at the moment but yeah I’m SO EXCITED bout Cinderella! A pantomimne is like a musical done at Christmas, usually based around a classic fairytale and there is interaction with the audience and slapstick comedy and stuff, it’s a lot of fun!I didn’t know about your other blog but hey you can count on a new follower now 🙂


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