Making Up For Monday: How do you feel about giving negative reviews?

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Negative reviews are a fine line to walk upon, I’m always really conflicted when writing them because I don’t want to offend the author because someone has put a lot of hard work and time into the this and I don’t want to hate ont hings. Ont he other hand though I’m a big ranter and I’m not going to compromise my integrity by failing to post about it or posting positively so it’s difficult to decide how to handle these things.

A particular example of this occurred when I read my first NetGalley: Amity by Michael Ostow. I was reading outside m comfort zone and I HATED the book (partly due to that) but I didn’t want to trash talk the book but at the same time I was required to give Netgalley feedback. in the end I decided to write what was positive about it, followed by why I thought I didn’t like it and how it could have been improved.

In other circumstance though, when you just get really frustrated with a book, it’s so hard to try to contain that frustration and not to write a big rant all about why I hated it for example Blind Spot by Laura Ellen. The narrator was unreliable, unrelateable, stupid and frustrating and it put me off of reading for a few days because I couldn’t force myself back into things after getting so worked up about this one book.

Another issue with negative reviews is how to apply the 5 star rating system because it’s so subjective.  have never given a book a 1 star rating because I just can’t bring myself to do it and a book has to be TRULY TRULY TERRIBLE for it to get 2 stars. As a result of this a book I don’t like usually gets three stars which is ridiculous as that id OVER HALF. Furthermore this results in most of my books being rated 4 stars because anything from “meh” to “very good” gets chucked into that category because something needs to be OUTSTANDING to get 5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Making Up For Monday: How do you feel about giving negative reviews?

  1. Julie S.

    It is hard to write a negative review because you don’t want to be hurtful. But I think as long as you state what you liked and what didn’t work for you, everything should be fine. I don’t think I’ve ever had a 1 star book on the blog either. If I hate it that much while I’m reading I’ll just DNF, and I haven’t included any DNF reviews yet.

  2. Reviews from a Bookworm

    I feel bad writing negative reviews, I really do. But I also find them a lot of fun to write. I am a big ranter too, sometimes I have to try really hard to reign it in but most times I fail. I guess when you have put in the hours, and especially if it’s a book you have paid for, then I feel you have a right to have your say about it. Every person is different, a book I give 5 star LOVE to is a book someone else will give 1 stars too.

    I have no problems giving a book 1 star if it was truly awful. I don’t want to mess up my ratings my feeling bad and just giving it more so I feel less guilty. So my consensus is 1/5 is HATED it – like Allegiant, 2/5 is it was really bad but not the worst thing I’ve ever read, 3/5 is it was good but I had quite a few issues with it, 4/5 is I really enjoyed it but there was one or two things I didn’t like and 5/5 is I LOVED IT!!! IT’S AMAZING . And that seems to work for me atm, although I do resort to half stars at times.
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