Fangirl Friday – 8th August

Fangirl Fridays


So this week I’m fangirling pretty hard at Supernatural as I’m pretty close to finishing that now so in honor of that, i made a cross stitch Dean because that’s a hobby I’ve taken up this past week. it’s very relaxing and great for having something to do while watching TV or rather binging on Netflix


Also have you seen these videos of Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins answering fan questions at Comic Con? They’re awesome! – WARNING! VIDEO 2 HAS SEASON 9 FINALE SPOILERS

Doctor Who

Meanwhile int he Doctor Who fandom we are freaking the fuck out because season 8 is drawing nearer and it has been revealed that the premiere “Deep Breath” is going to be shown in cinemas around the UK as it is a feature length episode and we are welcoming a new doctor! My tickets are obvously already booked but if you live in the Uk and yours aren’t then you can click here to book at Vue cinemas or here for cineworld!

There will be a 5 minute video from an upcoming Doctor Who Dvd release as well as a 10 min behind-the-scenes feature and a live Q and A which will be included in the 127 minute run in cinemas.

The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods is due for release on the 19th of August in the US but it came out today in the UK. Weirdly enough though, my local Waterstones (for my Scotland visit) had copies out on the 2nd of August at which point I immediately nabbed my copy (although the UK cover is questionable so the book will be re-bought in the US) . If you didn’t know, the UK edition has the first chapter of Blood of Olympus inside and I had a minor hissy fit at learning that chapter 1 is narrated by Jason…grrrrr. I have yet to read the chapter but I’m almost half way through the book and oh my days it is one of the funniest books I have ever read in my life. Everyone ever should read this book. it makes the Greek Myths so much more accessible to young people and with Percy narrating the whole thing and embellishing the stories with his insight it is such a wonderful reading experience. After the trauma of House of Hades I forgot how much I love regular old Percy, you know when things are chill and he’s nit fighting for his life every two seconds. He’s just such a fun narrator.

if I stay

The If I Stay Facebook page hit 500,000 fans this week and the fans got the funniest video of Chloe Grace Moretz and Jamie Blakely thanking them and oh my gosh they’re so cute!

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    1. Scarlettsbookblog Post author

      Haha thanks! There will probably be many more to come, I’m considering posting a lot more about TV shows on the blog too because I am OBSESSED! I’m like halfway through season 9 and it’s my favourite season yet, human cas is the best thing to come onto my tv screen in the history of ever!


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