Edinburgh Book Festival – Sarah J. Maas and Heir of Fire Giveaway!

So as you may or may not know, dependent on if yo are a regular follower of this blog, I was in Edinburgh on Sunday and Monday visiting the Edinburgh International Book Festival as 2 authors I LOVE were in attendance: Sarah J. Maas and Lauren Oliver.. I went to three Q & A and signing events during my trip, the first with Sarah J. Maas in which she talked all things Celaena Sardothien, this was followed by Sally Green (author of Half Bad) and Angie Sage (author of the Middle Grade Septimus Heap series) and the final event with Lauren Oliver, Tanya Byrne and Erin Lange which you will hear more about on Saturday.

Sarah J. Maas

At the point which the Q & A took place, I was half way through Crown of Midnight and Sarah J. Maas herself SPOILED ME! Well, sort of , she used an analogy while trying to explain Celaena’s state of mind in book three which made it pretty obvious and I guessed.  She also revealed that the inspiration for Throne of Glass came from Disney’s Cinderella. Upon watching the scene of the ball she noticed int he score that there was a particularly jarring note which didn’t quite fit causing her to think there was something more sinister going on such as Cinderella being there to assassinate the prince. From this point on she wanted to explore the story of this Cinderella assassin and thus, Celaena Sardothien was born. Sarah J. Maas has always been a big fan of fantasy as we soon learned during he Q and A because she REALLY loves Lord of the Rings (and may have had a lipstick kiss adorned Legolas in her bedroom when she was younger). She’s also a huge on Buffy he Vampire Slayer which was a large influence for creating Celaena as Buffy is a kick-ass female heroine in her own right who inspired a generation. It was really weird because she mentioned a scene from an episode of Buffy I had watched literally 2 days previously, you know the one where Angel is fighting Buffy in the Season 2 finale and he’s all

and she stops the sword with her hands and everyone watching is just like:

So the signing starts and I’m in the queue reading Crown of Midnight waiting casually and then the people in front of me are getting their books signed and photos taken, so I’m next in the queue and it is precisely at that point SPOILERS BLACKED OUT! which I get to the point in the book where if you’ve read the book then you’ll knwo a really surpriseing very bad thing happens and I like squeal…like loudly and Sarah J. Maas is looking at me and I’m like “Why did you just do that to me?!” and she’s got that knowing look in her eye because she KNOWS where I’m at and she’s all “I’m sorry, it had to happen” and I was traumatized! But yeah got my books signed which means that I can to a FANTABULOUS GIVEAWAY! because at the Book Festival they were selling copies of Heir of Fire which isn’t out for a few weeks yet but I have a SIGNED COPY to giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stay posted for my Throne of Glass review and GIF reactions tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “Edinburgh Book Festival – Sarah J. Maas and Heir of Fire Giveaway!

  1. Julie S.

    I’m not going to enter the giveaway since I haven’t read the previous bookses but omg what a fun event and so awesome that you got to interact with the author that way and she is a Buffy fan which means I’m in.. gotta get to reading these.
    Julie S. recently posted…Ruin and Rising ReviewMy Profile

  2. Robyn Dalziel

    SHE SEEMS SO LOVELY AND SHES SO YOUNG AND UGH HOW CAN PEOPLE EVER WRITE LIKE HER, obviously I love the use of the Gabriel gif as well haha

  3. Reviews from a Bookworm

    I am rather jealous that you got to go to this! I AM DYING TO MEET MAAS! I adore the Throne of Glass series! I NEED BOOK FOUR!!! How am I supposed to wait until next year?!?! Sucks that some of Crown of Midnight was spoiled for you, that always sucks.

    I went to YALC, the Young Adult Literary Convention and IT WAS AMAZING!!! I met so many amazing authors, there were brilliant talks and I bought far too many books. I got a ton signed, which was great. I came home with 36 books I believe.

    ***** Also… I entered the Rafflecopter once and then it didn’t show up that any of it had worked. So I entered again and now it seems fine. But if both sets of entries have gone on then can you delete one lot. Very sorry and didn’t mean to enter twice if that’s the case 🙂
    Reviews from a Bookworm recently posted…Trial By Fire by Josephine Angelini: ReviewMy Profile

    1. Scarlettsbookblog Post author

      She’s so awesome and I’m really jealous about YALC! I feel like I NEED to meet Gayle Forman because If I Stay is my favourite book of all time! WOW 36 books is EXTREME! It’s all good about the rafflecopter I’ll look throught the entries to check but it’ll be fine.


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