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book lungs
“When she learned later that humans do not also have book lungs, she was disappointed. Book lungs. It made complete sense to her. This way breath, this way life: through here.” 
The quote that inspired the name of my blog is from the novel, Glaciers by Alexis M. Smith.
When I was a little girl – and even throughout most of my teen years – I was shy and quiet. I would rather look away or at the ground than actually face someone. I was friendly, of course, and relaxed and playful when surrounded by family. I was never popular; but I wouldn’t say that I was unpopular, either. I just sort of floated between groups and cliques, sticking with my sister most of all. (Now she was popular!)
Throughout those years – as today – I had some other constant companions, thanks, in large part, to a lesson my parents taught me early on: the love of reading and the value of books.
Books took me anywhere and everywhere. I could go on thrilling adventures, or be a ghost haunting the attic of a rickety old house. I could solve a mystery, live in the jungle, or, always a favorite of mind, I could choose my own adventure! I was downright spoiled with books, and my shelves were always full. I have great memories of library visits and going to the Bookmobile stop on the corner near my childhood home.
Today, I am much the same: I still love the library and volunteer there as a trustee, though I greatly miss the Bookmobile. I am still downright spoiled with books and my shelves are still full to the point of needing more of them. I have been all over through the magic of books; from Hogwarts and Narnia to Pemberley and coastal India. I have been a detective and a sleuth, an art expert and a maid; I have owned fixer-upper houses and operated boutiques. All from my favorite spot on the sofa or while curled up in bed.
My blog, I hope, gives life to so many wonders and worlds; be it a cozy mystery, a work of contemporary fiction, a literary classic, or anything else. It’s a place where I share what moved and amazed me and how an author’s words affected me. And it’s a place where I want to hear what moved and amazed you, too! I want to know what authors you adore and which books made you want to toss the words across the room. At Girl with Book Lungs, we can breathe in the stories and we’ll inflate our fictional book lungs with mystery, laughter, friendship, and maybe even a little murder and mayhem! Hopefully, we’ll all end up with a pile of books to read that is taller than ourselves!

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