Fangirl Friday! – 25th July

Fangirl Fridays

So I’m Starting a new feature this week called Fangirl Friday.It’s where I’m going to share any news, funny memes or new trailers etc. for fandoms I’m in!

Doctor Who

22 signs you’re a Whovian – guilty on almost all counts! Time to re-evaluate some life descisions

Bring back Sky Smith! – A campaign for a well loved character of the Sarah Jane Adventures to return to the Whoniverse, and exactly how it could be done as well!


200th Episode news! – The fifth episode of season 10 will mark the show’s 200th episode and there are plans for it to be “musical-ish”. Here’s to hoping we will get a Winchester rendition of “Carryon My Wayward Son”. I think this has the potential to be aweseom because we know that Jensen can sing like HOT DAMN how could there be a more perfect specimen



If ever you are having a bad day and are in need of cheering up or if you just love to laugh, this gets me every time!

if I stay

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, then you will know how excited I am for the If I Stay movie, seeing as it is MY FAVOURITE BOOK OF ALL TIME! and this week, we got trailer 2! And yes, it caused hysterical crying…at 2am


and finally a trio of hilarious memes I saw this week

10388133_248621218661178_2119851922113829649_n harry potter week 1

supernatural week 1

2 thoughts on “Fangirl Friday! – 25th July

    1. Scarlettsbookblog Post author

      IKR! I’m only on season 7 at the moment and I’m really excited! I keep having hysterical rants at my friends who watch it whenever things get sad and they’re like “pffft you’re only there, it gets so much worse!” and Im just like “WHAT! How can things possibly get WORSE!”


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