Top Ten Book Cover Trends I am Totally In Love With

Sorry for the rushedness of this post! I am currently having a blast on awee visit to new York! Expect a great big post upon my return (i.e Thursday)
1. Purple covers! I love the colour purple so they make me happy!
2. Black white and ______. The colour pop just looks so good, especially in red and I LOVE.
3. Cartoonish pictures on the cover a la Rainbow Rowell
4. When having people on the cover actually works.
5. Matching Series Covers
6. When the title is Embossed or Indented (mainly because it makes the blindfolded book challenge a hell of a lot easier)
7. Having the number of the book in the series on the spine. (Praise Jesus when this happens because the absence of it is sooo frustrating)
8.When there’s beauty under the dust jacket
9. When the crowded thing actually works
10. When the spine looks beautiful.

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