Ranking the Books in a Series (Come on you all do it!)

We all have those series that we LOOOOVE! and with in those series we have the book that we love, the one that’s okay, the on you didn’t like as much etc so I’ve decided to list 6 of my Favourite series, rank the books within them and provide a spoiler filled explanation, warning you now so that you know to scroll past.

Harry Potter

Order of the Phoenix
Deathly Hallows
Goblet of Fire
Philosopher’s Stone
Prisoner of Askaban
Chamber of Secrets
Half Blood Prince
Order of the Phoenix is the best! I love Dumbledore’s Army because it really gives Harry the chance to develop as a character and we have Luna! You gotta love Luna! Deathly Hallows brigns everyhting to a close, not to mention the kick-ass battle. Goblet of Fire, Philosopher’s Stone and Prisoner of Askaban are the ones that I really like, they’re my middlies. Chamber of Secrets I wasn’t really feeling it probaly because snakes give me the heebie jeebies. Half Blood Prince has always been my least favourite because of the end, I couldn’t handle reading it when i was eight and I sure as hell can’t handle it now.

 Furthermore the whole getting Draco to do it thing bugged me as did the cave with the evil zombie things.

Hunger Games

Catching Fire
Hunger Games
The thing about Catchign Fire is you get the best of both worlds, you’re getting all the dramatic political stuff with the revolution but you are also getting the most intense Hunger Games Panem has ever seen. Hunger Games was an amazing first book to the trilogy and honestly, I quite liked Mockingjay although I do agree that it would have worked better as two books and I think Finnick’s death was unnecessary



Divergent was one of those series which started amazingly an deteriorated. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the series but the thing about having an outstanding first book is that it’s a tough act to follow. What I loved most about it was the world and the faction system and that most of book one was spent with Tris trying to survive initiation. Because of the ending it meant that for Insurgent, these characteristics were gone, the faction system having crumbled, which coupled with the unforgivable ending,

made it even more difficult for me to love Allegiant as much as I had the other two. After the had left their little bubble, the trilogy had completely lost what it was that I had loved so much and it became all complicated and eugh biology.

Mortal instruments

City of Glass
City of Fallen Angels
City of Bones
City of Lost Souls
City of Ashes

City of Glass is undoubtedly my favourite (for now, we’ll need to see what COHF brings) it just like concluded everything and the battle was especially kick-ass and Clary and Jace weren’t siblings anymore and just yessssss. Contrary to popular opinion, I really liked COFA because the baby storyline was really interesting as was the appearance of Camille after reading Clockwork Angel (excuse me if he appeared before that I haven’t read it in a while). City of bones coming in the middle because the world building was really intricate and awesome, it was a really great introduction to the series. The issue I have with City of Lost Souls is the Jace thing. I LOVE the book because I am so fond of the world and the characters and I know that it was an important plot device that Jace was all bonded with Sebastian but I  hated seeing him like that and everytime it switched to Clary and Jace time it was like momentary celebration but then heartbreak. Simon and Izzy really made this book for me trying to define their relationship and Simon dealing with his family. City of Ashes is bringing up the rear because of the Inquisitor and Maryse Lightwood. It’s just the one thing I have an issue with when reading YA because it makes me so angry, when adults take over and try to control everything because they think they know best because they’re adults even though we all know that’s why they’re the stupid ones it’s just urgh.

Heroes of Olympus
Mark of Athena
House of Hades
Son of Neptune
Lost Hero

Mark of Athena was PHENOMENAL. We got the Percabeth reunion, fun times on the Argo II and the Dionysus Diet Coke which was hilarious, the only issue I had with the whole book was the ending:

I couldnt handle all the feels. It was just too much. As awesome as House of Hades (#jasonfails) was, I really missed the fun adventure feeling of the third book. Son of Neptune while awesome and yay Percy! Just lacked something for me (probably Annabeth) na dneedless to say I liked Lost Hero the least because no Percy 🙁

Percy Jackson

Battle of the Labyrinth
Last Olympian
Lightning Thief
Titan’s Curse
Sea of Monsters

I really love the mystery of Battle of the Labyrinth and the opportunity Annabeth gets to shine! The Last Olympian is a phenomenal conclusion to one of my favourite series just as the Lightening Thief is a wonderful introduction. The Titan’s Curse I’m a bit iffy with because as awesome as it was I couldn’t handle the lack of Annabeth for the majority of the book. Sea of Monsters I think I’m still cross with for being such a terrible movie, I’m still not over it.

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