Top Ten Characters The Movie Changed My Opinion About

This list is dedicated to those character who you either loved or hated in the books but the movie changed your opinion about in no particular order.

1. The Book Thief movie made me see Rosa in a whole new light while I wasn’t overly fond of her in the book, in the movie I was able to see all of the little movements and loving looks she gave Liesel and added to the rest of her character, I got a new perspective on her and it is certainly a more favourable one.

2. Praise Jesus for the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Book Lydia Bennet is like the world’s biggest pain in the ass, I mean I could NOT stand her she was just so annoying! But the writers of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and the amazingly talented Mary Kate Wiles, she has become one of my favourite fictional characters. The Journey Lydia goes through in the duration of the webseries is a truly inspiring one. We see her journey starting with a feisty, moderately slutty fun character and we get a modernized twist on the Wickam elopement with instead a supposed sex tape under threat of being posted online without her permission. This allows for the amazing development which she goes through trying to rebuild herself and her transition into a mature young woman.

3. In Divergent, book 1 Caleb was a character I really enjoyed reading about but due to both script and delivery he was a character I loathed in the movie, he was so obvious and just got on my nerves.

4. In Vampire Academy, movie Lissa was such a bitch! Oh my god I hated her! She was so horrible and snobby! What I loved about book Lissa was that even though she’s a Princess, she doesn’t care and is really down to earth and friendly whereas in the movie she’s just horrible and shallow and annoying.

5. On the subject of Vampire Academy, As I have previously ranted KIROVA! WTF! Nobody even knows what she was doing in that movie, I mean at one point I legitimately believed she was selling Mia drugs or something. In the books she’s like McGonagall  but more stern and slightly meaner but in the movie, I don’t even know what her deal was.

6. Similarly to most people in the Harry Potter Fandom (okay most of the world) Movie Dumbledore does IN NO WAY equate to Book Dumbledore. NUFF SAID

7. So, the Twilight years ahhh, call me crazy but I actually really liked book Edward, I was 12 and I just thought he was just so romantic and wonderful…..ughhhh let me just cringe. Anyways I did NOT love movie Edward. It might have just been because he didn’t live up to the godly pedestal which 12 year old Scarlett set him up on…ughhhh I’m gonna have to go cringe…again

8. On the other hand, the movies did make me love Esme more as a character. I feel like she was really brushed over in the books and we barely got to know about her but in the movies we got to see her motherly instincts come through and it really added something to her.

9. When One for The Money was translated to film, I got really frustrated with how they portrayed Lula because she is supposed to be really sassy and full of life and confident and in the movie she just fell flat for me, she’s got so much personality it’s practically jumping out of the book and the movie just..meh

10. Valentine Morgenstern in the City of Bones movie wtf. In the books, he was smooth, a businessman but his monologues were chilling and he often left me fearing for the lives for other characters, we knew he was psychotic but he was still clever. In the movie however, he looked silly, his speeches felt entirely nonthreatening and he looked more like a street fighter than a businessman. NOT. APPRECIATED.

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Characters The Movie Changed My Opinion About

  1. Milka Read.Read.Read.

    I got to agree with you about Esme – I feel like the movies gave a lot more focus to her than the books.
    I haven’t seen the Vampire Academy film yet, but now I’m not sure whether I even want to see it….

  2. aimes

    Such a good idea for your list!! And really interesting too.
    I loved The Lizzie Bennett Diaries and hyper Lydia was the best, but her transformation was incredible and just so well written.
    Also, I watched the film for City of Bones before I read the series, and even then I hated the way that Valentine was in the film. He’s meant to be cold and calculating!

    aimee @


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