Top Ten Books to Read if you like if you like X TV show

I believe the intent for this was that I list 10 books to read if you like either Doctor who or Scandal or Sherlock etc. but I don’t want to do that so I’m going to list 2 books for 5 different TV shows.

Did y’all know that there’s a Doctor Who book series??
or maybe if you fancy a more girly time-travel tale
If you’re in the mood for a female heroine kicking butt and taking names, you should try:
Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
Maybe you should read the actual book first
or if you’re in the mood for more 80’s style romance
Gee, guys this ones pretty obvious no??
Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer by John Grisham
Picture young Sherlock Holmes in the 21st century, you got it? Good you’re there.
Lunar Chronicles Series by Marissa Meyer
Provides AWESOME Kick-ass female heroines in their own fairytale retellings, this should help you survive the spring finale
Or High Fantasy hidden in the real world

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