Soul Screamers Volume 1 – Books 1 and 2 by Rachel Vincent

Sorry this wasn’t up on time, my posts towards the end of this week because of a personal matter which took up a significant amount of my time. So then, Soul Screamers!

First of all I think that this is a truly original idea, I have never experienced or heard of anoother series whose world is based around bean-sidhes or rather “banshees”. Having just finished the first two books and picked up the next four, I am eager to make a start on those.

I discovered the Soul Screamers series at the HoustonBookRave back in November where I picked up a copy and got it signed by Rachel Vincent. Since then I have devoured My Soul to Lose (a prequel novella), My Soul to Take and My Soul to Save. I already made some points about My Soul to Lose in a Rant about Mental Institutions in YA, but to recap it was mostly frustration about how adults in YA beleive they are superior to teens so when something slightly out of the ordinary happens (A la Mara Dyer) their parents and other incompetent adults think the best solution is to institutionalise them because that’ll make everything better!

4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Both Books!

1. Bean Sides are like new unexplored territory, it’s just a nice break from vampires and werewolves and all the other things which seem to be overdone.
2. The books can be both really quirky and creepy as hell
3. As well as Bean Sides, the series also has reapers in it and I really like what Vincent has done with her reapers, the way they exist as is so different in all stories they feature in. It was a completely different take than in Naomi Grim which I had just finished.
4. Particularly in book 2 you get that whole Hogwartsy feel where the main character is getting lessons in how to control her gift
Rating: Book 1 – 70%  Book 2 – 80%
Favourite Character: Todd
Favourite Scene: Todd revealing himself to Addison
Favourite Quote: “What if I was the sexual equivalent of popcorn? Suitable for light snacking only?” 

To celebrate 5000 pageviews, i am giving away 4 books, one of which is a copy of My Soul to Take!

US vs UK Covers

I think that both sets of covers are about equal here, My First 2 books are US covers in a bind up but the next 4 are UK ones. UK on top US on bottom.

How I Pictured the Characters

Okay so hear me out here, most of these look nothing like how the characters are described in the book. A common habit of mine is to match up actors to characters if they have portrayed a character on TV who goes by the same name, hence my choices for Emma and Addison. I have no idea where Nash and Sophie came from it’s just what my brain decide to do.


Okay, first up, was anyone else supremely pissed when they found out that Kaylee’s aunt and uncle already knew about her being a Bean-sidhe yet they STILL let her stay in the Psychiatric ward for the whole of the novella? Cuz I would’ve been like:

 Moving on, I really really like Todd guys! I shipped him and Addison so hard to begin with! I have a crackpot theory that she’ll return as a reaper or something or that Todd will go to any lengths to find her soul and get it away from the demon dude, speaking of, what an arse that guy was!! Oh my days and what is up with the Netherworld? I mean even the grass is dangerous? Seriously! But yeah, after he met Emma, I was shipping that too hard to care about Addison anymore!

I really liked Nash’s mum in this series. It’s very rare to find a YA series where the protagonist’s parents aren’t

Or in weird floaty comas
I really liked seeing that for a change and the fact that Harmony was able to be so active in the books, opposed to just being mentioned but never being there made me really glad like “hey, at least one fictional teenager has a competent parent!”
Sophie really reminded me of Gwen from Ruby Red’s cousin Charlotte, you know the one who’s a complete biatch because her life was ruined because she’s not the “chosen one”
except she’s all bitter because her evil mum died…oops

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