The TMI Tag!

I haven’t been tagged by anybody but this looked like so much fun!

I am almost 16 (11th June)

Weirdly for me I am reading like a million books at one right now! (Okay not a million but like 5)
Unremembered by Jessica Brody
My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent 
(Those are the ones I’m focusing on)
Graceling by Kristen Cashore
Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich
(Have taken up residency in my locker)
I Capture the Castle

(I have lost it! No idea where it is but I have to read it for school so I better find it!)

My purple reindeer pajama bottoms and

a camisole!

PERCABETH PERCABETH PERCABETH! Who doesn’t ship them though! A close second were Sydrian and in joint third place were Jalary, Sizzie and MALEC!

Blogger, I am a loyal Google user

Staying in and reading a book! ALWAYS! I am a social recluse!

Naomi Grim, part 1 (The Silver Scythe Chronicles, #1)The last book I read was Naomi Grimm by Tiffany Nicole Smith, the first book in the Silver Scythe series (review will be up on Monday as part of a tour!)

I’m hoping to finish all of the books I’m in the middle of but I also intend on rereading Divergent by Friday so I’ll be starting that today!

I don’t mind ebooks. I went on a random 4 day holiday to Paris with my Grandma lat year and I was only allowed a carry on bag so my kindle was my savior! I am a big fan of the kindle library because it just makes life easier! I read 5 books on that trip (only one of which was physical which I only took for takeoff,landing and in case of a dead battery)


Julie S over at chapter break, tagging her in my book memory tag.

Either Cassandra Clare (checking for snippets) or The Broke and the Bookish, I was looking at their Bookish Deals post.

I really like Anna Reads because her blog is formatted so clearly, I like the tone of her posts and she has really pretty graphics!

Christine of PolandbananasBOOKS without a shadow if a doubt! She is hilarious and so intelligent and I feel her Feels!! 
Katy of Katytastic is a close second though.
Check out their new collab vid!

Give them the death stare, silently ship them with a cactus (if ya know what I mean) take a deep breath and walk away. 

On twitter Marissa Meyer after posting my double review of Cress and Scarlet or in person Mary Gray when I interviewed her.

My friend Eve, we couldn’t decide if we were supposed to wear out PE kits all day for sports day or take our uniform to wear after lunch

Oh my god EVIL QUESTION! I want to say Percy Jackson but that has caused some issues for me lately (you know what I mean if you are reading <3 ) so I’m gonna go with Sydney Sage because I think she is an amazing young woman. The way that she can adapt so quickly to new environments and be on top of everything is astounding!

USYA… I feel like I just betrayed my country but the only YA which came from Scotland was Harry Potter which is classed as children’s so I’m gonna have to side with the US here.

I don’t really have one. I really like going to the mall and just sitting in Starbucks with my book in which case I have a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappaccino with extra whipped cream. Having recently discovered the Yogurtland in my mall, my allegiances have changed though.

I think I would be a lot more focused on music. I sing (hence the unfortunate YouTube URL that I can’t get rid of) and since my reading really picked up last year, my singing kind of ground to a halt. I still sing but not as much as before.

2- both of which are full

Oh my god NO! I can’t choose! I am actually meeting some of the book bloggers in my area so I’m going to have some friends to tag in these things soon!!

I’m not really worried. As a person who reads mostly paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi, the romance isn’t really the focal point of the story most of the time it’s just a really nice perk. I’m indifferent.

Either Cassandra Clare or Richelle Mead! I love them both so much!

City of Heavenly Fire!!! I NEED IT NOW! I just pre-ordered a signed copy so yay!

I’m indifferent, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are two of my favourite series and they have male protagonists even though the majority of what I read have female protagonists.

Probably Catching Fire, isn’t it everyone’s?

Love is an Open Door from Frozen
Positive reviews because they are always happier! I love reading a review where that reviewer has clearly adored devouring every word in the book because that is something most readers strive for.
I am tagging YOU! Because I haven’t met any blogger friends yet (with the exception if someone who I have already tagged this week so I cannot tag her again!)

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