Naomi Grimm (Silver Scythe Series #1) by Tiffany Nicole Smith

The assignment:

Collect lifestones from humans after they die.

Rebellious, sixteen-year-old Naomi craves a normal life, but unfortunately, she’s a Grim by birth. That’s right, she sees dead people and hoards their living essence in a stone. Not a fun occupation.

In order to be good at her job, she must live among human teenagers for weeks at a time. But Naomi soon becomes attached to the kids she’s been assigned to watch over. And knowing that these teens are gonna die under less than ideal circumstances, she has the opportunity to prevent their deaths from occurring. Only one big problem—interfering with death is the worst crime a Grim can commit. If she intervenes, she’ll put herself and her family in danger.

Naomi must make the hardest choice of her career, go against the sacred covenant or watch her new friends walk blindly to their deaths.

Only one thing is for certain—Naomi has a grim knack for finding trouble and she’s about to break all the rules…

About the Author
Tiffany Nicole Smith resides in South Florida where she enjoys teaching as well as writing middle grade and young adult fiction. Tiffany enjoys reading and watching horror, action, and fantasy movies—all of which inspire new story ideas. Be on the lookout for upcoming releases.
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4 Reasons why I was Excited to Read it

1. This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That has not influenced my opinion on it but nonetheless this is my first read-to-review book which made me quite excited!

2. The idea of Grim Reapers fascinates me. Having just read the first two books in Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers series, which features a reaper as a secondary character, I wanted to see a reaper in the spotlight and see a different interpretation of them.

3. A Grim Reaper who is too human to do her job is a fascinating concept which I wanted to see explored in the novel.
4. The cover of this book is stunning! It evoked some extreme curiosity and to be fair it creeped me out a bit, like “if you don’t read this my skeleton eye will steal your soul” and I was like okay then!

4 Reasons why You’ll Love it

1. It’s a heart-warming story of compassion and how far one girl will go to save innocent lives, the internal struggle of knowing that if she does it, the lives of her and everybody she knows will crumble around her bu that if she doesn’t, she won’t be able to live with herself.
2. It’s got a perfect blend of Reaction GIF: fuck yeah and  and image
3. There are so many twists and turns, it’s faced- paced and goes in so many brilliant directions. The book was originally sold as 4 separate parts and you can tell because in similar fashion to the Hunger Games it is split into four different plot sections (whereas the Hunger Games is marked Parts 1-3)
4. The world building is mesmerizing. It was fascinating to leasrn about and has left me hungry for more! I need to know what happens next!

Dream Cast (or rather, how I pictured them)

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