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So travel is such a broad topic so I’m just going to pinpoint one area within it, what do you do to stop yourself getting bored while you travel?
So one of my biggest fears (aside from the obvious ones like snakes and spiders etc) is being bored, like on a plane for 10 hours and not having anything to do with me. 
I know an obvious one is reading right? I’m an avid reader so I’m gonna read but when you have really long journeys you start to feel sick and then you just kind of deteriorate. That being said, my school is about half an hour away from my house so I usually get a good hour of reading done everyday.
Last year, my yer group went on a big trip to Arizona at the end of the school year and because everything was so spaced out, this entailed A LOT of bus travel. The teachers were amazed at the amount of stuf my friends and I had to do, simply because I didn’t want to be bored. I took this game which we all had great fun playing called “Keep Talking” where there are cards each with a list of 10 things on them like 10 cheeses, 10 Welsh Celebrities, 10 national monuments etc. and the person who had picked the card had to get he other players to say all of the things on the list without a saying them herself (kind of like charades where you can talk) it was so much fun we played it non-stop! We also had word association games and all sorts!
As a person who had moved from the UK to The US, I frequently return home on holiday, meaning I face 10 hour flights and praise the lord for the movies on long flights! They almost always have the Avengers movie and I almost always watch it! Last time, on my return flight I got to watch The Mortal Instruments again which was awesome!!

So yup…travel..

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