Hey guys! So I’ve decided to start a new feature here on Scarlett’s Book Blog. I am following a lot of people on Bloglovin’ so I read a lot of posts each day and usually I have an opinion on which is being said. In most cases, a comment underneath will suffice and I can get across what I feel but recently I have found posts which leave me with a lot to say, hence this new feature. So here goes number #1 In Response to : DO NOT READ IN PUBLIC.

Yesterday Perpetual Page Turner, a blog I read regularly, posted about the difficulties of reading in public:
(link to full post here)

“It’s that awkward moment when you are reading something that brings a volcanic eruption of FEELINGS in the form of tears that just comes flowing to the surface….and you are in public…away from the comfort of your own space where you can properly ugly cry your little heart out. It’s the worst. My eyes are burning and my face starts to get flushed and I’m trying with all my might to HOLD BACK THOSE TEARS. I’m sure I look like a hot mess with my teary eyes and the trembling lip that I’m trying SO HARD to stop “

The post then went on to describe the multiple times this had happened to Jamie (the writer) and afew musings about how this could be dealt with.

This has inspired me to share the many times this has happened to me because I HAVE BEEN JUDGED!


City of Fallen Angels
So I’m sitting in the car just reading along and the end comes and it was like YAY! I’m going to get resolution! I’m going to get resolution! and then, the final thing happens with Jace and possession and fucking Lilith and just no! I screamed, like a proper screech and m just like nononononononono! my mum almost crashed the car. The thing is, I carpool to school. A guy in my year, two of my sister’s friends and their little brother who is nine. I’m just sat there breaking down and they are judging me!

Shadow Kiss
This time I was on a plane, descending into Aberdeen and then the tears started. I’m hysterically crying next to this random stranger because Dimitri and the feels and just asdfghjkl! I mean I was dying! and this randomer is just sitting there like what the actual fuck is this girl doing and I couldn’t explain myself just sob uncontrollably and oh dear.

I finished this in the queue at the airport, going through Border Control and I was kind of just in shock, I was in a daze, my grandma was just staring at me like “what’s wrong” and she could see the tears glistening in my eyes and she was so confused.

Eleanor and Park
Picture the scene, I’ve talked about this before. I’m queuing up to get my US Visa renewed in London at Christmas time and I reach the end of Eleanor and Park with that arsehole step father and then the separation and I just lost it! Tears streaming down my face, mum glaring at me in horror and this random stranger just standing there confused (he offered me a tissue after) oh my days!

So those are my embarrassing anecdotes of reading in public when tragedy strikes and the tars arise.
Feel free to share yours in the comments, I need to know there are more people like me!

2 thoughts on “In Response To: DO NOT READ IN PUBLIC

    1. Scarlett Massie

      Haha x thanks! Oh my days I was in the plane home today and I’m watching tangled and I was blubbering away again! Bit as bad as watching Torchwood in this fancy airport lounge my dad took me in and if course I had to be watching the season 2 finale…..hysterical crying and confused glares ensued…


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