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Okay, so when it comes to music, I’m a bit weird which seems strange seeing as I’m taking music at GCSE (I don’t play an instrument, I sing). My tastes are all over the place. I don’t have anything really recent in my itunes in terms of pop music, but I’m not one of those “hipsters” who listens to these weird underground bands who nobody else can find. Don’t judge guys. I am really into show tunes and pop music from like a year ago. I would say that the album I listen to the most is the Soundtrack of the Grey’s Anatomy musical episode which was rally cool because the covered a heap of songs from memorable moments in the show’s previous 7 seasons. I also listen to the scores from Doctor Who because they are really relaxing to listen to while reading or doing homework because there aren’t any distracting words buzzing around in the background.
I would say that in no particular order, my top 10 favorite songs are:
  • Chip On my Shoulder – Legally Blonde
  • Lie to Me – The Wanted
  • I am the Doctor – Doctor Who
  • One Day More – Les Miserables
  • Circle the Drain – Katy Perry
  • Seasons of Love – Rent
  • Princess of China – Coldplay ft. Rihanna
  • Let it Go – Frozen/Idina Menzel
  • Running on Sunshine – Grey’s Anatomy Cast
  • How to Save a Life – Grey’s Anatomy Cast

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