Catching Fire Movie Review


So I went to see Catching Fire yesterday and it was AMAZING!!!
I reread the book just before going so I recognized that most of the dialogue was direct from the book which made me so happy!! Jennifer Lawrence, I swear to god she is flawless and I love her, she did and amazing job at portraying Katniss again which was so wonderful!! Most of the movie takes place outside of the arena as it does in the book which made it a little dull at times but overall it was just fantastic. There was no horrible shaky cam like in The Hunger Games and the CGI was really good quality.

The opening of the movie worked really well because it mirrored the opening of The Hunger Games with Katniss hunting and everything in this movie related  lot more o how I pictured it in my head, it was a really superb adaption! I really enjoyed the role Effie played in the movie compared to the book as I fell like we saw her a lot more in the movie and she wasn’t just annoying like book 1 Effie is. Beetee and Wiress were captured perfectly as was Johanna, who I LOVED! Her interview speech was hilarious and my favourite part of the movie hands down was the elevator scene, particularly Katniss’ face at that point, it was priceless!

I think it was really interesting, the way they decided to depict the forcefield  because it was completely different to how I thought it would be but it looked really cool and emphasized just how fake the games are. Also the lightning tree looked really cool and the evil mist stuff was really freaky, especially the characters reactions to it!

The costumes were fantastic (for the most part) The wedding dress-to-mockingjay was gorgeous and I was so envious of Katniss’ Victory Tour wardrobe, she looked stunning in all of it! ( I think its a Jennifer Lawrence thing!)

So now for the things which I was not so keen on. Finnick. I can’t even. I felt like it was a movie Magnus Bane situation all over again. My main problem with the movie was that I really missed the prep teams. They weren’t in the first movie which really contributed to this but in this one they seemed really snooty and above it all rather than just self-absorbed and naive in a slightly endearing way, like pets. The scene where they get Katniss ready fr the last time and they all need tt leave the room because they are so upset was a really nice part of the book which I sorely missed. The other thing was that I don’t think the movie really highlighted Katniss and Peeta’s relationship. I mean it did but not in the right way. We didn’t get to see Katniss falling for Peeta it was just a case of one second she loves Gale, then she leaves him but is completely indifferent to Peeta and then as soon as they get to the arena, she has an epiphany and realises that yes she actually is madly in love with him, I mean what?

Overall, I really loved the movie! It was a great adaption which was really true to the books and was jam-packed with quotations and epic action scenes. Definitely the best adaption of the year. I loved it!

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