People who aren’t in any fandoms

Is it just me who is bemused by these people? The people who don’t read or watch tv or obsess over anything fictional?? Let’s call them the fandomless because tbh it is kind of like divergent here isn’t it? With Potterheads, Whovians, Sherlockians and more and then there are those lonely people who probably aren’t that lonely seeing as they are out being social in their fandomless lives, texting, doing excersise (lol) and being productive, I mean is that all they do with their lives? There surely must be more to their existence than that? Where do they get their feels and their asdfghjkls from? They don’t squeal with joy when a favorite character triumphs or cry in anguish that there is a year to wait before they can have more of their beloved book/tv show etc. and I feel bad for those people because even though they never feel the pain of a beloved characters death or the the thought that the book series which has defined their childhood is now over, they also don’t get the warmth which a great show can bring, the familiarity of a well worn book or the chance to relive their childhood through their favorite characters and for that reason I cannot feel sorry enough.

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